Tamiya 1/48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat

Tamiya SKU: TAM61114

Tamiya 1/48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat

Tamiya SKU: TAM61114
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The Definitive 1/48 Scale F-14A Tomcat

From its first test flights in 1970 through to its retirement in 2006, the F-14 Tomcat is a carrier-based fighter that has captured the imagination; its variable sweep wing allowed automatic adjustment for optimum performance and an impressive combination of speed and maneuverability. It had a powerful AN/AWG-9 fire control system that could use AIM-54 Phoenix missiles to take on multiple targets from range. 477 of the 632 Tomcats supplied to the U.S. Navy were the early F-14A variant; their delivery to units began with carrier squadrons in 1973, and its combat debut was in the 1975 evacuation from Saigon. It was later in action in conflicts in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Seventy-nine F-14As were also supplied to Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution and some still remain in service today.

About the Model

  • This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Grumman F-14A Tomcat. Fuselage length: 398mm, Maximum Wingspan: 408mm.
  • Designed with access to real F-14A Tomcats for superlative accuracy.
  • Features moving depiction of variable sweep wing.
  • 2 sets of parts - interchangeable after completion - depict sealing plates and air bags with wing in fully swept and fully forward positions.
  • Slide molding was used to ensure highly realistic canopy, air intake side and fuselage side sections.
  • Poly caps allow movement of horizontal stabilizers.
  • The model offers a choice of parts to depict open or closed engine afterburner nozzles.
  • Separate parts are included to depict the fuel probe on the right of the nose, and the ladder on the left.
  • Comes with two U.S. marking schemes and one for the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the Grumman F-14A Tomcat

Tamiya Color Spray Color(Item No.) Tamiya Color Spray Color(Item No.)
AS-10 Ocean Grey (RAF) 86510 AS-16 Light Gray (USAF) 86516
AS-14 Olive Green (USAF) 86514 --- ---

Tamiya Color Spray Color(Item No.) Tamiya Color Spray Color(Item No.)
TS-17 Gloss Aluminum 85017 TS-42 Light Gun Metal >85042
TS-27 Matt White 85027 TS-47 Chrome Yellow 85047
TS-29 Semi Gloss Black 85029 --- ---

Tamiya Color Acrylic Color(Item No.) Enamel Color(Item No.) Tamiya Color Acrylic Color(Item No.) Enamel Color(Item No.)
X-1 Black 81501 80001 XF-12 J.N. Grey 81712 80312
X-2 White 81502 80002 XF-15 Flat Flesh 81715 80307
X-3 Royal Blue 81503 80003 XF-16 Flat Aluminum 81716 80316
X-7 Red 81507 80007 XF-19 Sky Grey 81719 80319
X-8 Lemon Yellow 81508 80008 XF-20 Medium Grey 81720 80320
X-10 Gun Metal 81510 80010 XF-25 Light Sea Grey 81725 80325
X-11 Chrome Silver 81511 80011 XF-49 Khaki 81749 80349
X-18 Semi Gloss Black 81518 80018 XF-55 Deck Tan 81755 80355
X-23 Clear Blue 81523 80023 XF-56 Metallic Grey 81756 80356
X-25 Clear Green 81525 80025 XF-57 Buff 81757 80357
X-26 Clear Orange 81526 80026 XF-58 Olive Green 81758 80358
X-27 Clear Red 81527 80027 XF-59 Desert Yellow 81759 80359
X-31 Titanium Gold 81531 80031 XF-61 Dark Green 81761 80361
XF-1 Flat Black 81701 80301 XF-63 German Grey 81763 80363
XF-2 Flat White 81702 80302 XF-64 Red Brown 81764 80364
XF-3 Flat Yellow 81703 80303 XF-71 Cockpit Green 81771 80371
XF-5 Flat Green 81705 80305 XF-85 Rubber Black 81785 80385
XF-7 Flat Red 81707 80307 --- --- ---

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